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The Arsenic Lullaby X-Mas Bomb Shelter is open.

...every year during the holidays we modify our website to be a refuge from the holiday joy.  We do this because we full well know the for many people the holidays suck.  They suck the big one.  They are a parade or regrets, painful memories and loss...with a marching band of everyone elses happy ass internet posts coming up the rear to step on you.

Some years for some of us they are so emotional panful that it is a problem. An ACTUAL problem, knowwhatimean? 

I've been there...that's why the X-Mas bunker is here. It's for you, it's for me.  It's got A.L. comics, blogs, podcasts, stuff you can color...it's going to have more than a few sneak previews before the season is over, of new projects I'm working out.

If you feel yourself getting overwhelmned, got there...Use it.  Speaking of the Holidays 






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