Valiant Faith XO Manowar Bloodshot crossover cover art

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14x11 inches done with brush/ink, by Harvey, Eisner and Comicdom award nominee Arsenic Lullaby Illustrator Douglas paszkiewicz... IMPORTANT ... SEE DESCRIPTION BELOW FOR DETAILS

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This is a cover Illustration Valiant Comics had me do for...Faith ( I think...but it might be for some crossover with Faith...I dunno buddy, I just draw the bastard and don't ask too many questions). 

There is the full illustration...that I finished...then, they said they wanted a different character next to the machine.  So...that was fun.  Like...if you were a plumber and you installed a sink and when you were done they came in and said " know what? make it a toilet instead"..........

SO, since even I ain't OCD enough to redraw the whole f*cking thing, I drew the other character and photoshopped her in.  Done and done. The price reflect how much I never want to see this again.  get if fast before I change my mind.

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