Every year on the social media of artists (pro or aspiring pros or amateurs) Inktober. Where things, and post them. The obvious needed ingredient is something to ink. Of Couse one can draw their own picture and ink it...but that's not quite the role of an inker. Most times the inker is inking someone else's work.

To that end, I have a bunch of modified versions of recent work that you can download and print out and ink yourself! Each has been dialed back to "non-photo blue" so you can attempt to ink over the pre drawn lines just like the pros do! ( the single images fit on a standard paper size. If you have the means to enlarge  or reduce the images, feel free to do so)

***ALWAYS...ALWAYS...always run a virus check before you download anything from anyone. Even if you know it is legit, even if you know them personally. You never know what degenerate vile pages they have been on and gotten some virus from.***

Personally, I use smooth Bristol board Higgins Black Magic ink, and Winsor & Newton series 7 no.0 brush. And that is all I use...just a brush, no pens, no quill tips.  (For those of you who have never done any art without a stylus and a pad, below is the brush I use...the thing next to it is a pencil)

NORMALLY, I demand you also use some form of traditional tools to ink our inking contest. HOWEVER, this time around I'll not be such a zealot. Go right ahead and ink these digitally if you think that'll work better. I don't think it will, I think it will have less life, energy and charm, BUT...why not let's all see if that is actually the case in 2022!

Ink these traditionally of digitally.

Everyone who participates (and give an honest effort) will get an autographed copy of an issue of Arsenic Lullaby.
 WINNERS, one from each catagory, will get an issues with a sketch on the back.
 with a sketch on it (something like this one below) and an autogrpahed copy of a back issue of Mad Magazine

AND...a grand prize winner will get this original is riddled with errors, smudges and white out.

Deadline Nov.1st

send entries to douglaspasz -at-

approach this however you like, but the job of the professional inker it not to wildly change the image when inking by adding his own style.  The inks should more or less look like the style they were drawn it. But hey, we're just doing this for fun anyhow, so just have fun.

Some of these lines may seem impossible...but they ain't.  I did every line here, free hand, with a brush.  You don't have to do it that way...and I really don't even recommend that ( there are a lot of lines here that it would have been smarter to use a pen and straight edge...but I'm stubborn, and also to lazy to go get a straight edge once I'm inking)


Right click on images to download file of images at the size I inked them



Right click on images to download file of images at the size I inked them



Right click on images to download file of images at the size I inked them







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