Download an image, ink it as best you can, and maybe win some stuff!  

I picked out some Arsenic Lullaby illustrations of varying degrees of difficulty and each with different challenges. You can play to your strong suits or try something out of your normal skill set.  I used a brush for every line on these (except boarders) but you can use whatever means you like as long as it is not digital.

Grand prize winner gets 3SBD!  ( that's a crypto currency for those of you who did not come here from Steemit)

 AND a two pages of original art .  One that's done

and one pencilled but not inked attempt at a page.  Y'see, once in a while a page just gets to far into my head and I redo it a bunch of times...making subtle changes that probably didn't really matter.

(my camera kinda sucks at photographing penciled work, so here's a pic and a scan)


1 runners up will also get semi finished original art.  Pencilled but not fully inked attempt at a page)

 All contestants will get featured on our page and get a 10.00 off gift certificate to our online store.
A "contestant" is defined as someone putting an honest effort into it and completing a whole illustration ( Don't think your going to just run a sharpie over it for five minutes and get 10.00 off at our store.) you don't have to be great, but you do have to try.

Below are some modified versions of recent work that you can download and print out and ink yourself! Each has been dialed back to non-photo blue so you can attempt to ink over the pre drawn lines just like the pros do! ( the single images fit on a standard letter size, the full page is larger and you'll need 11x14 or 11x17 paper.  If you have the means to enlarge  or reduce the images, feel free to do so)

IF you don't have the means of printing these out but still want to try, send me an email and we can arrange it for me to send you the image on bristol board ( no charge for that but I ain't paying shipping )

Deadline Nov.1st

send entries to douglaspasz -at-

approach this however you like, but the job of the professional inker it not to wildly change the image when inking by adding his own style.  The inks should more or less look like the style they were drawn it.  You don't have to do it that way, but you probably won't win if you put your own spin on it.  but hey, we're just doing this for fun anyhow, so just have fun.

Some of these lines may seem impossible...but they ain't.  I did every line here, free hand, with a brush.  You don't have to do it that way...and I really don't even recommend that ( there are a lot of lines here that it would have been smarter to use a pen and straight edge...but I'm stubborn, and also to lazy to go get a straight edge once I'm inking)

I have an inking video up on youtube VIDEO HERE it is about using a brush, but the techniques can be applied to pens as well.  I may put up another video this week. 




Arsenic Lullaby Ouija Board

I'm not going to lie...this one's pretty tough.  There are a lot of straight lines and the lettering might be nerver wracking.

Just relax. Tackle one line at a time. Start with thee types of lines you feel comfortable with.  If small curves are working for you, do all of those first, and work your way up to the lines that are more of a challange.

If you ink this way (all of one type of line at a time) make sure to refine the whole thing once you're done...take a look at it make sure the line thicknesses work together despite being drawn by type of line rather than as a whole composition.


Arsenic Lullaby "the Devil's Digest" Voodoo Joe cover

This one has a lot of lines that will be easy and a lot that will be tough. The maks and fetuses are organtic and stray lines won't be noticed.  The bottle and chairs and countertop...those'll be tougher.

I started with the mask on this because it's the central focus and if you get that right...they rest is a visual after though. Unless you really murder something else on the cover...people will just see a cool looking mask.




Arsenic Lullaby "the Devil's Only Friend" Voodoo Joe cover

This one is a lot of work, BUT there is a lot of romm for error. There is SO much going on, visually, that little mistakes here and there just aren't going to be noticed.

Also, because there is so much going one and levels of depth and things obscuring the complete view of other things...there aren't that many really long lines to deal with.

This one is just a marathon of getting a lot of short to small lines done well...and just a few long nerve wracking ones. (that head boad, for example , probably isn't going to be much fun)





Arsenic Lullaby full page

This one runs the gambit, and it's going to test your constancy and ability to get all the panels working together...while still conveying the different moods of the page and affect on the reader.

When I'm doing a page (this may or may not be great advice) I jump around, do all of one kind of line (like short curves) then all of another kind. Attack the page as a whole and not panel by panel. Just keep plugging away doing the lines you are comfortable with.  Build that confidence as you go. By the time you get to the difficult things you'll have a lot done and a good head of stream going.

This is complicated, BUT there is a lot for the eye to take in.  Minor mistake aren't going to be very noticable.


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