If the holidays suck for you, you are not alone.  Here are the podcasts that were recorded during Douglas' yearly struggle with the realization that this year isn't going to be any better.  Strange tales, from a strange man, with a strange life. Raw, pure, unapologetic, and random...

New blogs will be added weekly, all season.







A story about some Ducks


Why exactly would anyone want US to be using the actual name of the holiday?!

The Ornament that robbed my will to live.
Doug sees a Ghost
Doug's plan to turn his x-mas around

Do You know what today is? Doug tells of his Christmas Eve Tradition
Suicide emergency instructions
The REAL reason to get rid of Thanksgiving
How to improve your life (for real)
Doug and the spider
IF the X-mas spirit is making you feel like helping out, read this first.
Christmas is about family Doug relays a story about a family coming together
a brief apology followed by the most horrible story ever.
Divorce, It's awful.  Sometimes it happens during the Holidays.

Here's advice on how to get through it

Here's advice on how to "help" someone else






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