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To hell with the rest of the world.

In recent talk about Japan i heard some dope pipe up "your average American doesn't really care about the rest of the world unless it's bloody and on the news"...a typical comment by your typical idiot who thinks he's more informed and active than everyone else, even though he's not actually doing anything.

HIs thought is that we don't care..and my reply is "GOOD."

His statement was a generalization and not specifically about Japan so My question was also a generalization..."why, whether it's on the news or not, should we care about the rest of the world?" Now ...natural disaster aside the rest of the world has had a 5800 year head start on us, if they don't have their shit together by now then fuck em.

We have civil war in Iran, Lybia, most of Africa, easter europe is a mess every odd year, North and South Korea are on the brink of killing each other and always will be. I read something the other day that had an interesting statistic-200,000 combatants in a civil War on the western coast of Africa are under 16. This would be shocking to your average guy...but knowing a bit or two about history i'd be willing to bet this number hasn't changed much since Zulu was slaughtering his fellow africans (long before oil, rubber, diamonds or anything else was being exported from their by evil whitie). And don't get me started on the crazy ass children strapped with bombs in the middle east.

we do our part by not adding to the horrific cluster fuck that is the majority of the rest of the planet. There are people of all races, creeds, religions living side by side here and the rest of the world doesn't have to come stop us from killing each other. we've had one civil war and that was 150 years ago, and by the way the rest of the world didn't rush over to try to stop the fighting and get us to make peace...they rushed over to make money from both sides. Of course once they got here they all shit themselves when they saw our boats were made of metal and it took us one war to make their entire navy obsolete. anyhow, we don't get into wars with our neighbors (although mexico's got it coming) and we don't have roving bands of militia shooting each other and enslaving 10 years olds in constant struggle over who runs idaho. Just by not being another problem we are doing our part.

individually I do my part, there are races, creeds, and religions that i don't particularly care for ...i may even think the world would be better off without know what i do? i watch baseball, and mind my own business. live and let live. and that is basically (if we are all being honest with ourselves) what the rest of the 400 million americans do too. So why should we give a fuck about the civil war in somalia or nigeria or kosovo or Lybia or Iran or where ever the next one erupts? fuck em. and by the way most of the countries out there that are starving and get hurt the worst by natural disaster only have their years spent in bloody conflict instead of upgrading their infrastructure to blame. The world has been a bloody mess before we came along and it'll be a bloody mess after we are gone. The rest of the world is like an alcoholic brother in law. he can't keep a job, he can't keep an apartment, and anything you try to do for him gets wasted, ruined, or spent on booze. at some point you have to realize that you can't help this asshole and you are wasting what little time you have left in your short life trying to.

To hell with these other countries. we have helped them in ways they are too stupid to realize, and i don't mean by inventing the light bulb, i mean by giving the nations of the rest of the dumb ass world a shining example of how to run things. Is it perfect? maybe not, but maybe it's as perfect as you get on this planet. i can say one thing, nobody drives down my street in a beat up datsun pickup full of rebels firing ak 47s into the air. Let the rest of the world go ahead and be fucked if that's what they want to do...that IS what they want to do, let's be honest. the USA has been around for over 200 years...200 years of shining example of how to get along with your fellow man in the same country under the same laws AND stay at peace with your neighboring countries.

and if WE are to be looked on as a lucky roll of the dice, then what about Australia that has a similar system? or Canada? or...for that matter Japan...that WAS a bloody murderous hell hole until General MacAuther took over, rebuilt it and stuck OUR system in place...abarakadabara it went from a third world shithole to a beacon of freedom, prosperity and invention. The rest of the world continues fighting amongst themselves because that is what they want to do....just like the alcoholic brother in law is pissing his life away because that's what he wants to do. and no amount of aid and butting in is going to solve somalia's problem and no amount of introducing the brother in law to business owners is going to help him law keep a job. and if you stop giving him money for rent because he's short this month he'll go right ahead and borrow the money from someone else. Let these other countries bother Germany for awhile. let France and England figure out what to do about Lybia.

"oh but this affects us! what if the next ruler is worse than the current rulers" 1-who gives a shit? the world is, has been, and always will be full of crazy asshole rulers and 2- the next guy would be worse no matter what, so what difference does it make if the current guy gets killed or dies of old age?

I...WE...are doing the world as big a favor as possible by leading our lives, working at our jobs, raising our kids and watching my name is earl reruns. we have created a mostly peaceful, mostly self sufficient country in only a century or two. now...the rest of the world can learn from us or spend another 6000 years behaving like a bunch of dumb assholes like they have spent the first 6000 years of human civilization. If they are too stupid to look over here and see us not slaughtering each other, then what hope is there for them? I have just as much hate, greed, envy, malice in my heart as any other human being across the ocean and so do you and so does your neighbor and co-worker...the difference is we aren't a bunch of dumbasses. we realize we have a good thing going here...we are smart enough to look around and look at the past and know that not behaving like the dumbassholes that make up the rest of the world is in our own best interest. It is simple self preservation. we understand that grabbing up arms and shooting every irishman really is just going to ruin everything. so we mutter under our breath about how much we hate the irish and watch t.v. or go to a ball game. we find something better to do than care. and eventually we don;t care anymore and the next time we see an irish guy we have forgotten how much we hate the irish...he just becomes another person that we tolerate for the sake of keeping the good thing going and not waking up in a backwards ass third world hell hole full of people who look exactly alike to the rest of us who shoot and kill each other because they are different from each other in some minute way.

and in minding our own business and keeping our good thing going we are feeding the world, and creating medicine to use on the wounds they inflict on themselves, and inventing machines they can use to rebuild whatever shit hole structure that wouldn't pass building regulations in even the most backwards ass district of alabama that they were living in when the mortar, typhoon, earthquake, sandstorm hit it, and mercifully knocked it over. and some of us every once in awhile look over and see the plight of the assholes that make up the rest of the globe and feel pity...and send money...that is 9 times out of 10 stolen, grafted, embezzled, or wasted.

you can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped. if the rest of the world wanted to be helped they'd watch and learn.

And let me close with this thought, perhaps caring is the problem. Perhaps the reason we aren't are each others throats over here is that we don't care. or that we find ways to take our mind off of things, perhaps us watching tv 8 hours a day or surfing for porn at work is the key to not having a country that is perpetually on fire. Since this country was founded and capitalism was established we have, as a nation, had other things to occupy our time with besides murdering each other because we don't all believe in the same things.

Some college student breaks the window of a politicians office and he is looked on as more virtuous than the college student who will spend his day watching March Madness. but i ask you ...which of the two is actually guilty of pushing us towards living in a violent hell hole like the rest of the world? "moderation in all things" as they say. maybe...just is possible to care too much. I would say that when you care so much about one thing or another that you are strapping a bomb to your 8 year old daughter that is a problem of too much caring and some good old fashioned tv watching is in order. Perhaps if the rest of the world "cared" a little less and spend their excess energy cheering for and arguing about the local sports team, the whole world would be better off. Take a look at the countries with decent tv shows to watch instead of walking around pissed off- Canada, england, australia, U.S., Japan ...funny how they are at peace with themselves and not causing trouble. coincidence? I think a mathamition would tell us different.

The next time some douche bag with delusions of grandeur accuses you of not caring enough, you tell them you are accomplishing just as much by not caring enough as he is by caring too much. and when his comes back with "that's the problem with the world too many people think like you" you can reply "no the problem is not enough people think like me, what would be better? if the whole world instantly rose up at once in all directions, or if the whole world sat on their couch playing video games?"

There is a time and a place to care, but the other 99.999 percent of the time it's perfectly okay to watch tv. as a nation we have earned the right to not care...and perhaps not caring is the way we protect ourselves.

the proof of the pudding is under the crust...we a nation of people who don't care enough are doing just fine and the rest of the globe, full of people who care to excess, is a bloody disaster.

(more on Japan itself on this weeks podcast tomorrow



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