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What the fuck did i just watch?


First let me just say that, while not very flatering, that might be the greatest picture of me ever taken. it really just sums up the essence of where i am emotionally about 90% of the time.

now then, readers and reviewers and fellow pros often point out that i have a very differnt "voice". "voice" is lingo for a view or a direction you take when writting. Part of it is simply my personality coming through and part of it is because most of the time i have absolutly no idea what is going on in the pop culture. I have no interest in reading other peoples comics, i see movies about a year after they hit the theatures, and i only sparatically have cable television. so i admit i'm a bit out of touch from time to time.

recently i hooked up my converter box, and one of the local channels plays crapy music videos. it is a low budget station so they mostly play bands you never heard of from record lables that only have 200.00 to spend on the video, and videos by mainstream people that came out 6 month ago.

I had this on in the background when i noticed a katty perry video. i don't know how it started but snoop dogg was in it and perry was dancing around dressed like a prostitue from candy land, and she dancing on cloud with a bunch of 4 foot gummie bears running around. at the end she had a bra made out of big whipped cream cans and she sprayed whipped cream from here boobs onto all of the gummie bears and they fell over...the end.


so i am coming to you people...someone explain to me was this just a matter of them throwing a bunch of crap at the wall to see what sticks or is this some sort of despicable inuendo that i don't understand. I mean...i'm no sheltered boyscout, i understand that there are guys out there into all sorts of weird crap...some of them are into pregnat women and breast feeding, but at 98 pounds she clearly wasn't pregnant. and by the way when did we all decide that women should look like 12 year old boys in drag? i'm still not on board with that...go ahead and have a cheeseburger or two ladies, it's okay if you don't fit into a size fetus pair of pants. Back to the video i don't this a case of standards crumbling so far that any kind of known debachery has been done and redone and they jdown to just juxtaposing any kind of item with a half naked woman to try to get a rise out of us? WHAT THE HELL WAS HER SPRAYING WHIPPED CREAM FROM HER TITS ONTO A GUMMY BEAR SUPOSED TO BE ABOUT? Was it some sort of feminist ejaculatory evny or what's the deal?

after that a ke$ha video came on. Aside from the lip syncing which we all just accept now, she has all the stage presence of a 5th grade girl singing into her comb while jumping on the bed. and yet...she's probably a millionare.

I'd like to rethink that whole communism thing please? lemme see that brochure makes the same amount of money and the government decides what job you are best suited for? hmmm, that's getting pretty attractive. i'd no doubt be drawing how to manuals instructiing soilders on how to stuff people into box cars, and occasionally designing a giant banner of the great leader to be carried around in front of a tank durning a parade on "great leader day". and Ke$sha and Katty Perry would be testing athhletic wear for pre-pubecent boys. i think i might be okay with that...when's the next election?


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