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I did a Blog last week about the union dispute going on in wisconsin and admittedly it was a little rambling and unfocused but that's because-

A-topics like this are boring for 90% of my readers and frankly nigh impossible to make entertaining.

B- i don't really give a crap. It's a case of unions vs politicians and there are no good guys in a mix like that.

BUT since this is a full blown national front page issue going on in my back yard, i'll give it another spin from a different angle. Since i always say i don't care what you think as long as you THINK, let me break down the players for you (as i see them)...and you can form your opinions a little better informed.

The Issue- Here is the issue, Walker (the govenor)wants to stop negotiating with the unions on every stinkin element of their contract and only allow them to use "collective bargaining" on their salaries...not the benefits, pension, etc etc. he also wants wisconsin to be an "open shop" meaning you don't HAVE to be in a union to work for the state, and you don't HAVE to pay union dues. The unions, seeing this as a attack on thier power have polluted the Capitol with protestors.

Scott Walker (governor)- this guy's as about as good as you get from a lifetime politician ( i realize that"s not saying much). He started small, worked his way up to running the Milwaukee county budget, which was bloated and out of control. He cut the budget six ways from sunday, cutting jobs and hours from what many of us felt are unnecessary elements of Milwaukee country like oh...the parks system. sure it's all well and good to pay someone 40.00 an hour two mow the lawn twice a week, but when your budget is in the red ...i don't have a problem with cutting back to mowing the lawn once a month. He cut back on the Museum funding...we have a world class museum here in Milwaukee...did you know that? NOPE and no one here does either and no one screw it. Why do we have a world class museum in Milwaukee? I don't know, we don't use it and anyone looking to go to a museum can drive 80 miles to Chicago and go to their better world class museum...which most people do anyway. So he did a bunch of stuff like that and got the budget under control and everyone thought it was great except the union workers who run unnecessary worthless things like the riding lawn mowers at the park and tearing ticket stubs at the museum.

The problem with Walker is even though he is a lifetime politician he never learned how to be a politician. He tells people what he is going to do years and months before he does it. He says what he is going to do before he is elected and once he is elected he goes about doing it. That gives your opposition TWO chances to slam you. During the election and when/if you get elected they can reload on the same issue and blast you again when you start doing the things you said you were going to do. So these Unions and protesters have had about 9 months to get ready for this battle.

Another thing he never learned about his craft, is how to hit back. Now a savvy politician would be doing a rope a dope here ....he'd wait until ALL the national media was here and the big names in the opposition weighted in and then have a press conference ...where he explains just how much money these dopes are costing the state, how their rights really AREN'T being taken away and explain how much MORE they make than an average NON State employee with the same job. then he would explain what a FAVOR he is doing the unions by not firing all their asses and saving billions by subcontracting out the whole mess.

He could also ask the people watching at home how many of them have enough vacation time to spend an entire week protesting a bill? how many of them wouldn't be fired on the spot for refusing to go to work so they can protest a bill? and how many of them would complain if they were averaging 15,000 a year in benifits for a high school graduate level job? then he would direct the camera to the overwieght snow suited crowd outside with picket signs...and say "ladies and gentlmen of Wisconsin...a state that is broke and has a 10% percent unemployment rate, some of the worst schools in the nation and the highst paid teachers...HERE IS MY LOYAL OPPOSITION...all here couritsy of slalaries, paid vacation and sick days that YOU the tax payer provide. no no...don't come down and counter protest...i understand that you have jobs and need to be at those jobs to provide for you families, or need to be out looking for jobs, simply remeber this the next election...and remeber this the next time you see a DPW worker parked in his truck talking on a cell phone...and if this bill doens't pass and the state files for bankrupciy remeber how this loyal opposition, surrounding the capitol on a weekday instead of doing thier jobs, wouldn't even concede to modfying how they negotiate with the closing...i'd like to point out that even though thousands of state workers have NOT been at thier jobs for a little over a week now...the State is still running just fine and our day to day lives haven't been affected. the crowd has been estimated at 40,000 people. with the average state union worker making 40,000 a year....that's 1,600,000,000 dollars a year in salaries, that is spent on people WE DON'T EVEN NOTICE ARE GONE WHEN THEY ARE NOT DOING THIER JOBS" (this INCLUDES the teachers i would argue and WIN the agruement that the students are learning just as much when the teachers aren't there as when they are.)

The Unions- they didn't like Walker from day one. When i say "unions" there are two parts to them.

part one is the Union Leaders who by and large don't even live in the state, don't actually ride the lawn mowers or tear the ticket stubs, but make all of the money from their 6 figure salaries by collecting union dues, to show up at events like this in nice suits and raise hell. the more hell they raise the more it looks like they are needed and worth the six figure salaries. SO i is in their best interest to raise hell even if a deal isn't really all that bad.

Part two are the mindless oafs who are herded into protesting things like this by the Union leaders. 99% of the people holding signs haven't read the bill, won't read the bill, don't actually have any clue what's in the bill, possibly CAN'T read the bill, and allow themselves to be USED and lied to by their union reps. The truth of the matter is that THINKING people who are good at what they do don't like being in unions ...because that means they get the same pay and benefits as the guy next to him that ISN'T good at his job. It means they can't negotiate for themselves based on their performance AND they have to keep giving money to the Union leaders whether they like it or not. The fact that you would WANT someone negotiating on your behalf, and that negotiation being connected to your fellow workers makes you suspect in my book. I don't even like business managers negotiating for me and they get a percentage, meaning it is in thier direct interest to get me the most cash. I can't even fathom wanting my income level being based in part on the owrth of my lazy asshole "peirs".

The Press- the press is here because there is a crowd. they have even less of a clue as to what is going on and will break this down to basic principals that they can get their tiny, four hours a day in the make up chair, brains around- governor is a republican, Unions are democrat, poor working class vs city hall. the problem with this is CITY HALL IS BROKE, and the Unions are making money hand over fist.

The Democrat State reps- 14 of these clowns in an effort to block the bill, have left the state. apparently there is some law were you can't pass a bill unless at least ONE member of the opposition is there to vote. this is so the majority party can't just put up a bill at 3:00 am when the other party is sleeping. That's an interesting and possibly necessary law, but i don't think it was passed so that the democrats could just leave the state and refuse to do their jobs.

Let me say again that if Walker knew how to be a politician...he could be really laying waste to the democratic party here. He could find out which hotel these clowns are staying in what they are eating/doing and WHO IS PAYING FOR IT. There are only three possibilities and they are all damning

1-the Unions are paying for their little vacation.

2-the Democratic party is paying for their little vacation.

3 THE TAXPAYERS OF WISCONSIN are being forced to pay. actually it is either no.3 or a combination of no.3 and no.1 or no.2 because they are being paid a salary to vote on things (that is thier ONLY JOB by the way) and they are not voting. they are AWOL and still collecting a salary for the taxpayers of wisconsin.)

The Tea party- the tea party has sent in some protesters to counter the other protesters ...thanks assholes...thanks for muddying the water. it WAS simply Scott Walker vs the Unions ...a winnable battle in the field of public opinion. and now it is two swarms of unwashed goofballs with signs who have no idea what they are talking about, shouting back and forth. The press can now tee off on you clowns instead of looking like shills taking the side of overpaid union slobs. thanks a whole bunch.

If Walker had any skill as a politician he would keep the issue on the fore front- he would say "Dear Union assholes...who want every single element of your concracts to be a excruciating drawn out battle that wastes time and money, you can still use collective barganing...on your salaries...and you can then take those salaries and spend them on WHATEVER YOU WANT including health care, retirement funds, insurance ect ect. AND making Wisconsin and "open shop" GIVES BACK rights to the individuals who don't want union reps with 6 figure salaries to decide their personal...individual fate. So while you claim i am taking away your imagined rights, i am actually giving the Wisconsin worker DOUBLE THE RIGHTS! He'll have to right to have you clowns negotiate for him OR the right to negotiate for himself. he'll have TWO choices...and i understand the math here might be difficult if you were taught by a state school, but TWO sets of rights is MORE than ONE set of rights...meaning i am actaull ADDING not TAKING AWAY from your rights. Just put down your signs JUST FOR A MOMENT...this isn't a trick to take your signs away...and put ONE finger out on your left hand, this will reprsent your barganing options now and TWO fingers out on your right hand that's your baganing options after my bill passed, see?...more!"

BUT he's not that skilled, so he is going to sit in his office while the unions pound the podium with tired old crap that is completely off the point like "this is about the children!" "this is un american" "Walker is anti worker" and blah blah blah blahhhh.

THE TAX PAYERS- EVERY FORGOT ABOUT THE FUCKING TAXPAYERS!!!!! Scott Walker doesn't pay the unions out of his personal bank account. he pays them with the stae budget...the state budget is the money collected from state taxes. property taxes, sales taxes, income again in Walker was a savvy politician he wou make not that IN ORDER FOR THE STATE TO KEEP PAYING FOR MORE AND MORE BENIFITS AND HIGHER SALARIES OF PUBLIC WORKERS ALREADY MAKING 40,000 AND UP A YEAR AND RECIEVEING 15,000 DAND HIGHER A YEAR IN BEFIFITS...WE WOULD HAVE TO RAISE THE TAXES ON PEOPLE WHO MAKE LESS MONEY THAN THE UNION PROTESTERS! but..he's not that savvy.

so what's gonna happen? Well Scott Walker is going to pass whatever he wants because he has the votes and said he would. And every union stooge in america camping out on the lawn of the State house isn't going to change his mind...why? because the unions hate Walker anyway, he has NOTHING to fear from them. they did everything they could to stop him from being elected and failed. He isn't going to change his course for fear of losing union voters any more than obama fears losing votes from the KKK. Once he passes this the budget will start to creep into the black, he'll look like a big hero and pass more and more budget cutting bills. he'll become a national figure, other states will do the same and the Unions will loss more and more power.

The Unions will redouble their efforts to elect democrats to office in 2012. what we may be seeing here is the second or third biggest issue of the upcoming election.and whoever can break it down from the 200 page bill into a 30 second sound bite is going to win...and heaven help us the national figure who does that sort of thing the best is... Sarah Palin.

Could you democrats out their start backing better looking, more sympathetic horses than overpaid union workers who don't even understand the issue, because i really don't want this woman to be president.

You might be able to get people to care about gay marriage, you might get them to vote pro choice if you show enough scared pregnant teenagers, you might even get them to lean your way by showing illegal imagrants bieng spereated from their children and bused back to mexico, hell you might even get some votes reminding people about Bush's failures (if you can get people in this day and age to remember that far back)but taking the side of 40 year old fat white guys getting 40,000 a year to mow a lawn and teachers getting 40,000 a year and 16 weeks of paid vacation who's kids can't read, both getting 15,000 a year in benifits a time when 10% of the country doesn't even have a job, is only going to lead to one thing- MRS.PRESIDENT SARAH PALIN.


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