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I swerve into wisdom every once in awhile

So in my last Blog i gave some Vet the business about how he should be thanking ME for using the liberty he is defending. now i said this to be a wise ass and it was all circular logic that would make Tex Buckaroo proud...then i got an e-mail from an active duty vet who we'll call " Pete l. C.".

I won't bore you with the whole thing because it was very complementary and would be self serving to post...but the larger point was that i shouldn't dismiss my ridiculous arguement...and that it really isn't ridiculous at all. now unlike the Vet that i bush waked with my circular logic, this fellow had time to think and has read my work before so...was not caught flat footed. and HE like the Vet in the store ...Thanked me.

...this got me to realize that i have swerved into a important point. What are we DOING with the freedom we have? EVERY DAY our troops fight to defend our country and EVERY DAY the enemy fights to destroy it. what are they actually fighting over? Since in most of these skirmishes we are defending rather than attacking the opposition decides what is at stake. The islamic extremists want to curb our freedom...if they were to take over we would have NO freedom of speech, our women would be dressed in burkas, we would not be able to choose our leaders or decide on our own laws, nor would we have any creative freedom. so those of us who truly want to thank our troops, those of us who truly value our freedom...SHOULD USE IT!!!!

some 22 year old kid out there is going to lose a leg defending freedom...let's say his first stop afterword is YOUR house...and he asks - what did you do with the freedom i fought for you to keep? many of you are going to say..."uh i went to work at a job i don't like and came home and watched T.V." it doesn't matter how many silly ribbons you have on your mini van that say " i support the troops" if you don't live any differently than someone in a communist country than you have slapped him in the face!

OUR DUTY as FREE PEOPLE is to USE THAT FREEDOM!!!! to know who are leaders are and keep an eye on them, to practice a religion, or be conscious of the fact that you don't have to, and APLAUD THOSE WHO DO. to speak your mind, to READ and LEARN and gather knowledge that is UNCENSORED.

now ...normally i don't defend "artist" types or musicians, or punk kids with tattoos and blue hair, because even though i know these are "my people" i know that we represent the WRONG way to live your life if you truly want to be happy in the long term...but when it comes to "honoring " our troops...that blue haired kid screaming into a microphone in his miles ahead of you camouflaged ribbon/ military bumper stickered min van drivers out there. our troops are DYING to protect our freedom USE IT!!!

when is the last time you did something that you couldn't do in a communist country? hmmm? when is the last time you spoke out against your government in public? when is the last time you exchanged ideas amongst friends? have you expressed yourself creatively lately? have you watched some t.v. that wasn't spoon fed network pap? when was the last time you read some "news" that wasn't shoved in front of your face on your "home page"? When is the last time you found some music or video or a book or a film that is independently produced? When is the last time you actually lived by the phrase "live and let live"? if the state of your neighbors yard, or the noise from some kids car stereo make you want to call a cop or has you thinking "there oughtta be a law" then you MAKE ME SICK...AND YOU SHOULD STOP AND REALIZE THAT YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT OF THIS COUNTRY.

In some countries car stereos blast government propoganda...and your neighbors lawn is too long because no one can afford a lawn mower, and people have tattoos to identify themselves to the government not to show which band they like, and people can smoke in public...just before they are blindfolded and shot for being a Christian.

"Carrying a rifle isn't the only way to defend your country"...a fellow by the name of Doug Manke said that...and probably doesn't even remember uttering that sentance...and at the time i didn't think much of it but today it sprung back to my mind. How about between now and NEXT veterans day we remember what freedom is and USE it.

how about we get off each others case about the little things and get on each others case about the big things? start paying attention to our leaders and what they are up to, start paying attention to the arts and film and music that couldn't see the light of day in any other country, start remembering what freedom of religion is (it isn't freedom FROM religion) and start remembering that you have the right to be offended...but NOT the the right to stop others from offending you. If an idea or a phrase offends you then YOU are the problem ....there is no place for you in a free combat free speech with more free speech, not by stifling that original speech. and ask yourself...that original speech that offends you so...does it truly offend you or does it simply remind you that you are lazy and have done nothing for YOUR ideology

if a vet with one leg came to my door and asked what i did with MY freedom, i'd tell him "how much time do you have?"...

what would you tell him?


comments? concerns?



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