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Just what the hell is the matter with you people?!

News came out yesterday that Osama bin laden was killed by U.S. special forces, and I watched in horror as my fellow Americans took the the streets cheering, singing, and celebrating.

1-We are citizens of the greatest country on earth, a civilized peaceful, liberty and life respecting country. ACT LIKE IT. we DON'T CELEBRATE death here. We celebrate achievement, victory, invention, liberty...hell go out and march in celebration of your sexuality in leather chaps if you get a rise out of it...but do not go out and spike the football and do a little dance in the end zone because we had to KILL someone.

No other generation has acted like this. WWII ended and we celebrated VICTORY, we celebrated the end of a conflict, we cheered because our men could come home...we didn't run around in the streets and cheer because of the death of ONE PERSON like the cretins in the rest of the world. Those people who danced in the streets and sang "nah nah nah nah hey hey goodbye" were acting like the very third world backwards ass sub humans that Osama managed to rally on and before 9-11. This is a scene you see conducted by a bunch of disease ridden voodoo worshiping cretians in Mogadishu who live in their own filth and rape and kill as a national past time. We killed this man because we had to...that is a sad thing. it is sad that we had to go out into the world and kill. We were drawn into an action we would rather not have done. We would rather be living in a world that is at peace yes? Rather be living in a world were we go into other countries for the sake of helping them not a world were we have to chase down murderous assholes yes? so then this is not cause for celebration. sober reflection at best is what is appropriate.

2-We are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA...and when you fuck with us you end up dead...that is business as usual. Any reaction above "good riddance" is giving this asshole most status than he deserves. The exterminator does not cheer every time he kills a coach roach. We've shut down tyrants and global assholes from King George to Adolph Hitler. To me it is somewhat shameful that it took us this long to run down a carpet bagging asshole in a third world "mansion" that looked more link the house the Beverly hillbillies started in than the one they bought with their oil money. Did we make him a martyr? Will this publicity encourage others to attack in hopes of fame or infamy? I don't know and I don't think that matters. What matters is how WE OURSELVES CHOOSE TO BEHAVE. And I think this nation make some note of this guys death and moving on with it's day shows more strength than a million dopes on the street cheering.

3-there is no change in the world because he is dead other than it is one less person using clean air. We all understand that his death isn't going to make the world what it was before 9-11... Transversally Osama's attack wasn't the beginning. recently I had a conversation about "Star Wars", how that the time was given undue praise for ushering in an age of sci-fi special effects. In truth it wasn't "Star Wars" that turned Hollywood into a special effects whore, If Star Wars hadn't come along then "the Black hole" or "star trek" or even "Tron" would have ushered in a new age of special effects. Things were just heading in that direction.  ...things were all just heading in the direction of big special effects taking over.

My point is...that Osama didn't create an ugly world that started on 9-11. it was coming with or without him. If those planes didn't hit the towers then a bomb might have gone off on the subway a month later, or some other bastard might have set off a chemical weapon in Chicago, or what have you. The cesspool of hate and jealousy and danger in the middle east and many other parts of the world where going to spill over onto our shores at some point. the world is ugly and we are in the world. ugly was going to notice us eventually. Obama was simply the guy who did it, because he was the guy who did it. There was nothing special, or brilliant, or ingenious about the man. he wasn't calculating and charismatic like Hitler, or brutal and menacing like Mussolini and Stalin. He was just one of several dozen crazy assholes in craphole countries around the world who manage to get enough dangerous people to follow his lead to be a global problem.

and now he is dead. the world is still spinning, the world is still ugly...the only change i see here is US BECOMING LIKE THE REST OF THE UGLY WORLD.






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