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The Granito problem


If you don't respect yourself who will?


There has been quite a buzz lately in the old comic book industry about one Rob Ganito. Rob is some dork who's been going around at conventions with a made up resume including allegedly working on everything from Calvin and Hobbes to Batman. A couple of web sites actually did some reporting and pretty much proved this fellow to be a fake. see link below for one story on this fella.

Well ...i don't know who "broke" this story first but several people have picked it up and ran with it piling on old Rob, including Jill Thompson...well i have some words for old Jill....and everyone else except who ever "broke" this story first. First off, let me say that i respect Thompson, i think she does good work and from all accounts she seems like a bright woman. but she and everyone else has missed the point.

You all managed to prove this guy is a fraud who does not deserve to be declared an "illustrator"...well BULLY FOR YOU! WOW ...great job! really dug deep to uncover that little conspiracy.......


Let's focus on who's really to blame here shall we? I mentioned here and on my podcast that the guy running artist alley at Wizard world ADMITTED to me that he didn't have any knowledge of who is who in the comic book industry! One of the largest comic book convention operators in the U.S. had been employing someone who doesn't know Stan Lee from this Rob what's his name. Aside from the fact that it's their JOB to know SOMETHING about the industry they are in, these conventions require us to fill out paperwork which lists our web site and our work. WHY are we bothering to do that if it is not being checked? In an industry where 75% percent of the fans could name the first issue that Galactus appeared a time of 10% unemployment IT SHOULDN'T BE THAT HARD TO FIND SOMEONE TO DO THAT JOB WHO CAN TELL THE WHEAT FROM THE WEEDS!

The victims here are The Professionals who couldn't get a table and more importantly the people who paid good money to go to a convention that LISTED THIS GUY AS A ILLUSTRATOR FOR BATMAN. Anyone who bought anything from this guy based on the BIO that Wizard world listed, or accepted him into artist alley because of, were RIPPED OFF THANKS TO WIZARD WORLD. A smaller convention i might give a pass as they have a smaller staff ...EXCEPT that a smaller show/staff means less people to check up on. I mean...this guy clamned to have worked on Calvin and Hobbes for crying out loud...he would have been like TEN when that strip ended.

Wizard World TOOK peoples money to go to thier show to see the "pros" they listed, without checking to see if ANY of these "Pros" are actually "pros".

The other people who are to blame ARE THE OTHER PROS...60 percent of artist alley doesn't deserve to be there as far as i'm concerned. You have half assed min comics, half assed slice of life comics crapped out in between semesters and while stoned, sad wanna be artists with crappy photoshopped drawings of super heroes that have been made into "prints"(WHICH IS ILLEGAL BY THE WAY ...People have been accusing old Rob of pagerism...well guess what? he's not actually a plagerist...he's a BOOTLEGGER. Making multiple copies/prints of your drawing of someone else's character is copyright infringement and bootlegging) every artist alley i go to has five to ten of these goofs selling copies/prints of someone else's character- batman, superman, spider woman in cheesecake poses...that is a AGAINST THE LAW. And when i see a real Fraud i TELL THE CONVENTION OPPERATOR. WHAT'S WITH THE REST OF YOU?! How hard is it to look to your left and ask the guy "who hell are you?".

The artist alleys at these shows are a refugee camp of broken dreams and people with such skewed self image issues that they don't realize how little talent they actually have. AND IT DOESN'T NEED TO BE THAT WAY. The convention operators need to start weeding out the crap, AND WE FELLOW PROFESSIONALS...need to start putting pressure on them to do so.

I don't know what's wrong with everyone else's self esteem but i personally take offense to, after ten years of hard work to get where i am, being categorized and placed in the same section as some dopey kid with kinkos made comics and 40 year old goof balls who want to play "artist" one week out of the year. Now if you are a smaller show with only one section...well...what can you do i guess but Wizard World has no excuse for respected industry professionals to be next to some guy with four page mini comics that he made the night before. And don't get me started on web-comic makers with zombie computer programs that click 50,000 times a day on a strip NO HUMAN ACTUALLY READS. You wanna complain and look down on start looking down and complaining about the rest of them. Artist alley doesn't need to be a JOKE. People with actual credentials shouldn't be lumped in with wanna be's.

I will admit there needs to be a place for people to get started, to get their feet wet. i'll leave the judgment up to you fellow the joker next to you in artist alley producing something of merit...or is he making half assed crap to impress a girlfriend, get cheap passes, stoke a distorted ego, or SELL BOOTLEG PRINTS...and you need to start judging. It takes very little effort to asses the people around you and let the convention operator know that you don't appreciate being next to/in the same category as a fraud.

this is NOT being a prima donna, this is NOT being an ego maniac...this is demanding the respect you have earned. If you go to an auto show do you see a 69 charger next to a honda civic with a gray door? If you go to a sports card signing do you see Hank Aaron next to the water boy for the 73 green bay packers? If you go back stage at a concert does the headliner have the same accommodations as the guy who checks the tickets? NO! WHY? Because they are on completely different levels of skill, popularity, preformance...and respect. Hell, even Wizard world, unbeknownst to itself, makes distinctions based on these things by putting the movie stars in a different in their eyes movie/t. v. stars are one level, store owners and retailers are another level, and they guy who draws Spiderman for Marvel and a 19 year goofball with bootleg prints are another level ...those two are the same level as far as Wizard is concerned and it isn't going to change until you SPEAK UP FOR YOURSELF. If any dumbass with enough cash to buy a table can get into artist alley than what is it? it's not artist alley, it's "i spent 300.00 this weekend alley". a distinction that could be earned by even an ambitious pan handler.

And more important perhaps than mere the $$$. The better the field in artist alley, the more people will go and the more they will be accustomed to paying real money for real work rather than looking for free mini comics and $10 dollar prints.

Rob's bio was made up...BFD. I would say that between the paintings he did and the work that went into creating the work of fiction that was his BIO, he actually put more work into being declared an "artist" than most of the people i am next to in "artist alley" on any given weekend.

Congratulations Rob, you made allot of people looks like dumbasses...and anyone who complained but doesn't complain at the very next show they are in ...i place them firmly in the dumbasses catagory too. "dumbass alley" i'll call it.



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