a strangers voice

In defense of the Pope.

In case you missed it the Pope came out this week and said a few things that got a percentage of Christians rather vexed. Not the least of which was, and I am paraphrasing here, "Lay off the gays and start focusing on the entirety of the message of Jesus Christ".

Some of Christendom went into a tizzy and pulled out their bibles and pointed to the passage that they interpret as gay=bad.

The Pope is trying to remind the world, and us specifically that Christianinty is about love and compassion, and caring,and hope...and you jackasses are so blind to the message of the book you claim to believe in that you chastize him for that?

I consider myself a Christian I've read the bible. It's about 800 pages long and was written 6000 years ago and 2000 years ago (old testament and new testament respectively), and yes there is a verse or two in there about homosexuality. My first thought, and apparently something that jumps out at the Pope as well is...WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF THAT 800 PAGE BOOK?

Jesus, in the bible I read, seemed to go to great lengths to make it clear that our duty as Christians was NOT to point fingers, and call out our fellow man, and declare who is worthy and who is not, but to (and pay attention here because you seem to have missed this point while reading that book you are shaking at the Pope) to be good examples, by being loving, caring,and compassionate towards your fellow man. To show the grace and caring that you believe God shows to you. To be "good samaritans", to be humble, to "treat your neighbor as you would want to be treated". At no point did I read anything about our job being to judge people, to shun people, and to pass judgment on people ...quite the contrary, we should be looking out for each other was the message I got out of it ...Along with a template for how to live your life. A template that is wise beyond man and if followed makes it pretty much impossible to screw up your life. All of us following that template as best we can was the majority of that message and it was so we didn't screw up our lives, not so we could point the finger at others based on a verse or two, ignoring the entirety of them as a person. Gays are people, with souls, just like you.

The words of Jesus were not meant to be used to exclude people ...seemed to be the Popes point. There is a whole lot that can be gained by listening to those words be you straight, gay, or undecided also seemed to be his point. Stop using those words to make enemies of your fellow man, could also be an interpretation.

I don't recall Jesus looking down on people or trying to exclude them. I don't recall his saying "you're not following every letter of the bible so piss on you". He said people should follow the word of God because that word is good, not because if they don't then they are bad. Believe because that belief will help you. He told people of the message and let them take it from there. I don't recall any sermons where he stopped in the middle and said " if you are doing anything stated as wrong in some part of the scriptures, than you're gonna rot in hell so just get out now so I can talk to the rest of these fine people." Jesus was not the "soup nazi". He let everyone come forward and get as much out of his teaching as they could, because his words were wise and beautiful and didn't need a threat attached to them. Maybe my bibles broken, maybe I got a truncated version, after all, I don't have a big fancy bible like yours with all sorts of pages book marked that have verses showing how much more righteous I am than anyone else.


The Pope looked at the way Christianity has been handling itself and said - this isn't getting anyone anywhere. Running around arguing over specific issues is turning more people away than it's bringing in BECAUSE WE ARE FOCUSING ON EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE MESSAGE OF HOPE. And he asks that we knock it off and you say "no" and shake a bible at him?!

If your mind is simply a list of things not to do than you might as well walk around with the guide lines for your condominium complex. "thou shall not make adjustments to the exterior of you condominium that detract from the esthetic value of the the complex as a whole...amen" And then when someone in that complex paints their patio green, despite keeping the lawn trimmed, keeping the house in order, following the parking statutes, and bringing the garbage cans to and from the curb on the appointed days...you can all march around his condominium with signs declaring that he is hated by the great writer of condominium code. Because THAT would be less asinine, less harmful to Christianity, less of antitheses to the actual word of God, less of a detriment to their souls and yours than shunning people based on their sexuality.

We're supposed be caring for other you idiots. We're supposed to be making each others lives better not worse.

We're supposed to be getting others to understand the wisdom of that life template AS WHOLE and that God is love, and using those notions to find strength in times of trouble and struggle. Right now you ARE THE TROUBLE, not the strength to be found during it. The Pope is concerned with helping people find grace, and strength, and hope, in a very confusing, and dangerous time...and he seems to be asking YOU to do the same rather than telling them they don't get any love until they stop doing x,y,z.

Who are you to try to exclude anyone, to judge anyone?! The church is supposed to be about love for your fellow man, and the Pope is trying to help people be part of that and you have the self righteous gall to use some part of the bible to exclude someone from that? To use the bible to tell someone else they are not good enough? To tell someone else what has to change in their lives before God will love them? You make me sick.

Look at your own two hands. Are there any nail holes in them? No? Then I guess you are not Jesus Christ and your job isn't to pass judgment or ostracize anyone. If you have no nail holes in your hands but you see fit to be rattled by the Popes words and continue shunning your fellow man and carrying on in self righteous, pompous, screeds, based on stray specific verses of the bible, and using that passage to exclude people instead of showing love, understanding, and compassion towards your fellow man then you need to take your bible back out and take note of the following...

Jesus didn't say much about homosexuality, but he said a whole lot about people like you.

Go read the words of Jesus Christ again...maybe you'll get something out of them this time.