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So the Government was just going to log all of our phone data and not tell us...

Douglas Paszkiewicz is an nationally and internationally award nominated writer for magazines and comic books. Here are his thoughts this week.


So the Government was just going to log all of our phone data and not tell us...


when ARE you going to stand up for yourself?

In case you had been living under a rock last week, you may want to know that it has been leaked that the U.S. Government has been spying on it's citizens without probable cause.  Here is A link to one of several zillion stories on it.


FIRST let me say to all the mouthpieces for the government that are telling us everything is okay and not to over react...YOU answer to US assholes, don't tell us what to think. You work for the voting public, shut up and do what we tell you or quit. Needing to stop "terrorism" does not give you free reign to do anything you feel like. Shoving robots up all our anuses would help stop terrorism too, but we are a free people and we have to draw the line somewhere. Personally I draw it at having my privacy invaded without just cause AND a warrent...the LAW draws the line there as well.

1- FIRST and foremost the problem here is that this news came from OVERSEAS. It was not broken by ANY U.S. news agency. If you look back in recent history, as countries slowly (or quickly) lost their freedom and found themselves ruled by very very bad men, they shared this- they had to get honest news from outside their own country. They literally had to learn what was being done to them from FOREIGN news agencies. Take a look at China, Iran, North Korea, their oppressive governments tell their people everything is okay and father government is taking care of them..they have to learn otherwise from foreigners....now...take a look at us.

This is very very very bad. Either our news agencies are afraid to break stories, are too incompetent to break stories or informants don't trust our news agencies. All options are bad and they all lead to what we now have ...a press that is FAILING US. And we are failing ourselves by not demanding more from them. Maybe you can shrug and balk at calling your senator because politicians only care just before elections...but news agencies need to pay their bills every week. I would advise all of us to start calling and emailing the editors of the news agencies and complaining about the 90% human interest horse hit they feed us and that 90% of what is left is misrepresented and misreported.

2- Just because we all knew it was going on doesn't mean we should yawn when we have proof. Just the opposite. The only way to stop a government from doing the other 99% shady oppressive crap we don't know about it to slap them down HARD when we can prove that 1%. Think this ease dropping isn't a big deal? Pretend for a second Sarah Palin is the next president...and she decides to make the lives of pro choice people hell...well she has your emails, your phone data...easy enough to make a black list with that ...simple in fact. Guess who gets jerked around on their student loans, or their healthcare or any of the other things one must now go to the government for...the people who disagree with her.

THAT'S why this is bad...it is bad because the "government" is actually several hundred thousand human beings and some of them are no good sons of bitches. And some of those no good sons of bitches have access to everything you say or type. Get it? There is an infinite number of possibilities that are all bad that a no good son of a bitch can do with your personal conversations ...which is why we USED to hold the right to privacy so dear.

"oh who cares they aren't going to bother with us, we aren't that important"

You know what? You're probably right, you selfish, short sighted, MORON. They wouldn't bother with US...they WOULD bother with the people trying to save us. The ,every so often, actual decent person who comes along to try to change things. The Ron Paul's of the world, or the handful of actual decent people who turn down run for the presidency every four years because they don't want to get dragged through the mud. Let's say Joe Smith decides he is going to lead us, and change things...well guess what? They now can just log onto the computer and dig up Joe Smiths entire life until they find some quote, some relationship, some picture from college that even though it was 30 years ago, will make him a laughing stock and once seen by the public can never be unseen. How many MORE decent people will turn down the opportunity to lead us out of the muck and mire because they dread what was on their phone, or their email in the past.

Let's take it a step further since we all can agree there are no good sons of bitches in the government...and it is my job to think like a no good son of a bitch. Let's say I don't find anything on Joe Smith, well ...everybody now knows we have all the phone info ...I can just SAY Joe Smith called 1-800-ANIMAL PORN and good luck to him proving he didn't.


3- So what do we do? That is the question I always have when I hear big sweeping stories like this. It makes you feel very small in the scope of it all. Sure you can call your senator (AND YOU BETTER), but seeing as how he or she is a spineless politician, he/she may not know what to do about it either. Well, I can tell you and him/her what to do about it. The same thing we do when ever someone breaks the law or does the job wrong. WE FIRE THEM AND/OR THROW THEM IN JAIL. Start demanding that people lose their jobs and go to prison. All the bluster and outrage doesn't mean jack squat unless someone is PUNISHED. We used to do that in this country ...PUNISH PEOPLE. The heads of these agencies have betrayed us and the constitution (the LAW OF THE LAND) they need to be FIRED. They need to go to jail in some cases. Until we start PUNISHING government officials, there is no reason AT ALL for them to not keep going forward with every single money wasting, time wasting, freedom crushing, hair brained corrupt, ILLEGAL scheme after the next.

SO...when you call your senator...you tell him/her THAT SOMEONE NEEDS TO BE PUNISHED FOR THIS.

THEN...the other no good sons of bitches, that are up to lord knows what, will have to consider if their scheme is worth going to jail for. Because right now all they have to worry about is being exposed, questioned ...and then forgotten about.

There are 350 million of us. If this country sucks it is because we don't care enough to take control of it and the no good sons of bitches do.

Your senator's phone is collecting dust



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