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I guess you'll all go back to not paying attention

Well the election is over, the democrats lost 60 seats in the house, 6 seats in the senate, 10 governorships, 23 state legislatures, and countless smaller state and city positions. A ass kicking by any standard.

Now're probably thinking to yourself "well Doug, as a conservative i suppose you're all sunshine and lolly pops right now.

no ..actually i'm annoyed. What did the Democrates do in the last two years to deserve this ass kicking other than WHAT THEY SAID THEY WERE GOING TO DO TWO YEARS AGO WHEN YOU ALL ELECTED THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE?"

Look at the bi-polar clusterfuck that is the past two elections. We swept in the democrats based on a bumper sticker and swept them out based on a lawn sign. Can we all start paying attention please? can we all just forget democrat and republican or tea party and listen to what these people want to do...mull it over...and decide if it's a reasonable solution BEFORE WE ELECT THEM AND PUT IT INTO LAW?! You assholes can't just pay attention three months out from an election and expect to have a government that is worth a shit. Simply swinging the country to one end and then rapidly back to the other end doesn't give EITHER SIDE ENOUGH TIME TO DO ANYTHING!

But Doug the stimulus and health care were bad ideas!!!

really? you didn't think that two years ago..what are you going to think in two more years?

1-Read a history book,

2-listen with an open mind to the other sides argument,

3-scrutinize you own sides argument,

4-pay attention constantly.


If you don't follow this advice you are going to ruin this country. This country isn't going to go to hell because of the republicans, and it's not going to go to hell because of the democrates...neither party wants to fuck up the country, and yet either party is capable of it via accident and/or hubris. It is our job to make sure they don't. either side can come up with a stupid idea, and you know how a stupid idea gets put into law? BECAUSE A STUPID IDEA SOUNDS GOOD TO SOMEONE WHO ISN'T REALLY PAYING ATTENTION. now...follow the logic here...if people who aren't really paying attention simply stop voting then stupid republican ideas and stupid democrat ideas will never see the light of day. they will only get elected based on GOOD ideas. THEN those of us who are paying attention will be able to choose from good ideas and not the less stupid of the two ideas that were cooked up to get people who aren't really paying attention to vote.

People who know the name of luke skywalkers dad but not their own state senator should not be voting! Does politics bore you? do you think they are all worthless? fine, that's just fine, it harms nothing, there are enough of us who feel differntly to handle electing people. But when you see a bumper sticker and decide to pull a level for some candidate who's name you'll forget by next week THAT DOES HARM THINGS.

The fact that we threw one party out two years ago only to throw the other party out two days ago only tells me that we live in a land of sheep and we'll follow anyone with a handful of corn. and you know what that leads to? of course not...go find a history book

If you are not willing to do the things i listed then simply out of the way and let the rest of us hash this out.

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