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I've had a busy, as in non-stop, couple of weeks. i Did a comic book convention in MN, then a comic-book comvention in Phoenix. Organizing myself, making sure the t-shirts get done, books make it to the show, banner and misc. stuff gets to the show, making sure the normal deadlines get met, and somehow being in the right mood to meet fans and convert new ones is a gauntlet when things are going right. When some monkey wrench gets thrown into the works it becomes a slow motion fall down a flight of stairs were you don't even care what breaks along the way you just want to land on the floor as soon as possible.

I'm still groggy and most of the last two weeks is just a blur. And i can thank DELTA airlines for that. delta which is now owned or partnered by air france. France apparently loses it's wars because most of it's troops have been flown to the wrong place and thier gear ends up spinning around the luggage carousel in guam. My flight was suposed to leave Milwaukee Wens afternoon, layover in cincinnati (i'm not spell checking anything by the way nor am i going to proof read this...i'm just not in the just do your best to figure out what the misspelled words and run on sentances are suposed to mean) and arrive in Phoenix at 9pm on wens. I got to Phoenix at 8am...on FRIDAY.

The first flight was cancelled on wens in Milwaukee so i just went home and got back to the airport 5am thursday for the dr.suess flight pattern they concocted to get me to Phoenix in the middle of a delugue of other cancelled flights during a holiday weekend. That flight went out on time and landed me in Detriot (400 miles in the opposite direction of AZ) cacth a flight to AZ at 12 noon. at 12 they said come back at 1...then come back at three they said come back at 6pm. this was due to some mechanical error. having been a mechanic i can tell you no problem can be fixed AND safety checked in an hour and that's on a CAR. So i was prepared to wait longer than 1 or 3. but at 6:01 pm a bubbly attendant got up to the podium in front of a flight full of people who have been rotting away in the detriot airport for 10 hours and said the flight is cancelled but she had some vouchers for us. her bad luck would have it one of those passangers happened to be very adept at public speaking, has arazor sharp wit, and no patience for her bubbly grin. After i was done inciting the crowd, she was crying and had to be relieved by some manager or another.

From 6pm on i was one he phone with Delta and also at several different gates trying to get on a standby flight. I don't know what kind of program they use at airlines but when the airline reps get on one they seem to need about 4000 keystrokes just to bring up the screen with your name on it..then 80000 more to find your flight....then 1000000 more to find out if another flight is going to phoenix. all while you wait there, angry, sweaty, tired, and worried...and keenley aware of the GIANT SCREEN RIGHT NEXT TO BOTH OF YOU THAT HAS ALL THE FLIGHT NUMBERS ON IT AND WHERE THEY ARE GOING. see in airports they have giant t.v. screens that list all the incoming and departing flighst ane thier times. so why they have to type out an encyclopedia page to get the info that is right in front of us i don't really know. I know online i can find a flight in 20 minutes and that is searching every airline ther eis...all she has to do is find a flight on HER OWN AIRLINE.

Eventually after explaining to a Delta rep on their phone line that the flight they say i am suposed to be on was cancelled...that's right...they thought my flight was IN THE AIR ON THE WAY THE AZ, most of the people i talked to in person or was on the phone took 5-ten minutes to find ME in the computer...find my FLIGHT...or confirm that i wasn't in fact IN ARIZONA...i get a ticket on a red eye to L.A. (400 mile PAST AZ) to get a early moring flight to AZ from LA. I get on that flight at 10:pm get to LA at 1:00 am....where they give me a food and hotel voucher that i am suposed to thank them for and somehow make use of before i have to be back at LA international at 4:00 am.

several days later I get to the airport to go home only to find out that somehow Delta managed to cancel my ticket home even though it was on a different airline. After a hour of screaming there...i got on a plane and came home...and someday so will my luggage.

now...usually this would all make for a great blog but i really don't find any of it funny myself and so it is simply not going to translate into funny for the rest of you.

the moral of this story is don't use DELTA because even in a sea of miscues, mismanagement and stupidity that is every day airline travel DELTA/AIR FRANCE manages to stand out as a beacon of futility. or as i said to the crowd in front of a sobbing airline rep..."oooooh she's saaaaad...she had some people yell at hoo...WE ALL LOST A DAY OF OUR LIVES TO SAVE 20.00 USING HER AIRLINE!...instead of the others that only PARTIALLY SUCK."



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