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Douglas Paszkiewicz is an nationally (Eisner Award and Harvey Award) and internationally (comic-dom Award) award nominated writer for his own books and numerous national and international magazines. Here are his thoughts this week.


Nothing ever changes...and not you and all the cardboard signs in the world will make a difference


the 1% have more than money and power going for them

It is no great secret that i am a faaaar right winger, and a fight for capitolism with lead pipe cruelty, but i am also a reasonable guy and can see some of the injustice that the 99% see, and...i'm starting to feel bad for you protestors. By and large you are being made fools of. Most of this is because 99% or you 99%ers are fools, but many of you have your hearts in the right place. You see some problems, you see injustice, and you want SOMETHING to be done about it. You are angry that nothing ever changes and you don't understand why.

You have jumped into the machine en mass but you will change nothing because the machine knows you have all the permanence of a fist full of smoke. You and your rage is temporary...rage itself is unsustainable, therefore you are not a political force, you are an opportunity. There are only two possible outcomes here. Your cause is made a mockery of, or it is taken over by someone who has been at this for a decade or more and is just going to use you for his or her cause. Now it is my estimation that you were being used from the start but i think the scope of these protests have out grown the needs of your original user. Your righteous collaboration will be profited from, used, and discarded. The candle that burns twice as hot lasts half as long and you will be used to shed light on the enemies of whoever can hold onto you longest before your wick reaches the bottom.

You yell and scream that the rich are not playing by the rules...but the sad truth is they ARE playing by the rules, and you are forfeiting.

You want change? You want to make a difference? Then get serious, start learning, start paying attention. Start with this concept...We live in a democratic republic, our leaders are elected. WE elected them...and i am not talking about big national election that are decided by millions. The current President was first elected by a very small margin to the Illinois State senate, the President before that was first elected Governor, the president before him was first elected Governor. The Justices of the Supreme court by and large were all elected to smaller local judgeships first. U.S. senators and Congressmen by and large were first elected as aldermen and state senators, by small margins in local elections. My point is this mess, this injustice you see ...could have all been avoided if we DID OUR JOBS as free citizens and paid attention to all our local elections all the time. These "corrupt" officials could have been weeded out years ago.

While you are marching around with a sign, what harebrained scheme is you local alderman getting passed? what diabolical a-hole is being elected to state Senate? When is the last time you actually read a bill?...You have taken to the streets risking violence, imprisonment, and scorn in defiance of the government...when is the last time you actually read a single page of a single bill your government has passed?

All this money that is being dumped into politics through campaign donations SHOULD be irrelevant. Peyton Manning and Arron Rodgers don't have to take out 60 commercials telling the world that they are great ballplayers ...because we all know that they are because THAT is what we choose to pay attention too. We know movie quotes, we know basketball statistics, we know who sung what song within 6 notes, we know who are the voices behind family guy...but we pay ZERO attention to our government until all hell breaks loose. THAT is why we are in the mess we are in, THAT is why millions of dollars get spend on political campaigns. WE are the problem and WE are the solution. REAL change in a democratic republic doesn't require riots, or uncovering shadow governments, or blocking traffic. It doesn't require cardboard signs or glorified street fairs, it doesn't get you on the news, and it doesn't impress your friends. To create real change in a democratic republic you need to be educated, and knowledgeable, and vigilant, all the time, and that is boring, and tedious, and takes commitment, and the amount of people willing to do that is about 1%...and THAT is why nothing ever changes.



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