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advice for the broads...part one in a series


The case against ugly women


I try my best NOT to date someone ugly.

I say with all honesty that it is not the physical aspect of the ugliness that makes me shy away but the personality that comes with it...well okay maybe I'm not being COMPLETELY honest, perhaps i'm rationalizing a little i think about it, i am being partially honest but mostly clinging to a valid and perfectly good reason...that may in fact only be e small percentage of why i don't date ugly women. BUT my point is well...alow me to explain.

Good looking women are used to being treated well, and so in turn they generally treat other people well. now i'm talking about during a relationship, if a pretty girl doesn't want to date you because you're fat, or broke or whatever and you deem her "stuck up" well that's a whole other issue that i don;t really care about. people like who they like and searching for a reason/blame is a waste of time. I'm talking about while you are dating. Someone who is used to being treated well has learned from that and treats the person they are dating well just as a matter of learned behavior.

on the other side of this coin, ugly women are used to being treated poorly, taken for granted, dumped for someone else, cheated on or what have you.

so take a had a date planned and something comes up. Pretty girl will be disappointed but find something else to do. Ugly girl will be disappointed and find some nefarious reason why you cancelled ...maybe you are cheating on her, maybe you are taking her for granted and so on. Ugly women are often jaded, suspicious, and quick to jump to the worst conclusion. so the few times in their life when they have a decent guy they will inevitably screw it up with passive aggressive behavior, and anger towards the last guy that they project onto the good guy. They tend to try to beat respect into their beau instead of letting it happen. where as the pretty girl simply behaves with good intentions and optimistic vision knowing full well if something shady is going on she can just whistle down the road to some other guy.

Ugly girl is insecure and clingy and flies off the handle when you don't respond to the clinginess with clinginess of your own. Pretty girl is confident adapts quickly to whatever pace you are setting, because if it she decides later its' not her pace...she can just leave.

The ugly girl spends all of her time trying to force the world into treating her as well as the pretty girl, oblivious to the fact that while the pretty girl in pretty, she is also pleasant and upbeat.

I've been around the block and seen allot as well and this is a hard and fast rule. except in the case of the "ugly duckling" scenario where the pretty girl used to be ugly. all bets are off at that point and there's no way of knowing what you are getting. you might get a pretty girl who is a total pain in the ass like the ugly girl, or you might get a pretty girl who is even more pleasant than a normal pretty girl because she is lapping up the attention and having a ball giving it back.

so ...where is the advice here? in the words of General Norman Schwartzcoff "don't fight the last war". every other relationship you have will be doomed from the start if you don't realize it is a NEW relationship. perhaps this new guy is also an asshole. let's even say there is a 70% chance he is am asshole, but if you go into it with one eye pealed for problems than you are screwing yourself out of that 30% chance that he isn't. boo hoo hoo you might get hurt, guess what? we all get hurt. love is a horrible sick dance with very few winners and every relationship is a "rebound" relationship except for the last one you have before you far as we know, so far no one has come back with wings and a harp looking for a bottle of vodka and an ear to bend about some angel that spent all his money and flew off.

try someone new, get hurt, move on, rinse repeat.

I've seen more women screw themselves out of a good thing because half of their energy was being spent proving to themselves or whoever that they were the victim in the last relationship, and they aren't going to let it happen again. they are so worried about whether or not their boyfriend is an asshole that they fail to realize that THEY in fact are the asshole.

ugly is as ugly does i suppose.



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