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dunnananananana dunananananana YOU'RE DEAD!

I can only hope the song from the batman T. V. show was playing in the guys head as he strode into that theater.

I suppose I should do some bang up blog about this kid who shot up a theater during the midnight show of batman but ...I honestly find it all terribly boring. It is like seeing a woman who is so perfect, so strickingly good looking that she becomes unattractive. You ever notice that? Someone so good looking, beyond that of mere mortals that she is clearly out of anyone's league and in the truest sense of the word "unattractive". It's the same with this story, there is SOOOO much there that it is such a clustrerf@ck of bizarre elements that your brain finds it uninteresting.

You got a midnight movie about a vigilante where no one decided to act as a vigilante and stop the shooter, you have the guy dressed like a super villain complete with gas mask ( no doubt partially used to stop from succumbing to the B. O. of a theater packed with fan boys), you have his apartment being booby trapped, you have youtube videos of babbling's all so much that it's uninteresting. It's overload. AND there is nothing to say about it anymore than there is to say about an is the mathematical alignment of many things to create a big event that you can only observe and never put into words in a way that does it justice.

The only part that warrants comment as far as I am concerned is the ONCE AGAIN stupid question of "why did he do it", which is only ever asked by boring people with boring lives who mow their lawn every week, have time to trim the hedges and then go to a safe dull job on monday. Why?...because he snapped that's why. He started out not crazy...then got a little more crazy...then eventually tipped the scales on crazy. Why did he do it? I got a better question for you- why doesn't this happen 15 times a day in every city in the U.S. We have traffic, deadlines, work stress, family stress, romantic stress, car problems, housing problems, health problems, a sink that drips, a creaking shudder, an asshole in line in front of us who can't figure out how to use the touch screen, bills, noise, expectations, and now we have phones that remind us of what we are failing at or missing out on. ...I see a story like this and am amazed that we don't ALL SNAP.

The kid was in college for his PHD he probably was worried about grades, loans, some girl, his car, and lord knows what else. He did it because he snapped. Why did he snap? CLOSE YOUR EYES SPIN AROUND AND POINT. What are you pointing at? The oven? fine...add stress about paying for groceries, electricity, and hearing fifteen different explanations of whether or not eggs are going to kill you.

I didn't notice if they caught this guy or if they gunned him down, but if they DID catch him...his best bet is to get ME on the jury. Because I live under the ideology of Hitchcock "no one is innocent". Some fat guy got shot first? maybe this kid is going nuts trying to stay in shape or found out he has some medical problem all the while the fat guy is gleefully pounding cheese fries into his face without a care in the world...BLAM! Oh some kid got winged? Maybe this guy never got to see any movies, maybe this guys dad was a prick, or poor, or they lived to far away ...maybe this kids childhood was a blur of crappy toys, bad television, and early bedtimes...and he sees some spoiled brat seeing the greatest batman movie ever conceived midnight...BLAM! A couple got shot? ...a two young good looking lovers enjoying an explanation needed for that one...BLAM BALM! some guy with twizzlers who held up the entire line trying to choose between m&m's and reese's pieces and ended up with twizzlers?!...BLAM ...BLAM BLAM! and everyone else in there who had the cash and time to sit and enjoy themselves BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM!!!

I'm not saying he was justified ...i'm saying we are all going to die...some of us will die quickly, from a bullet out of the blue, happy as a pig in slop in a movie theater while watching a summer blockbuster before anyone else on earth, and some of us will die from stress, mind breaking, will sapping stress.

why did he do it? are you kidding me?

I don't ask "why" any more than I would ask why It rained for the first time in a month right after I left the house with all the windows open. Sh*t happens, some people somehow manage to just deal with it, and some people reach the point where they can't take it anymore.

This story doesn't seem odd, out of place, or surprising. If it does to you then drop to your knees and thank whatever God you believe in that you aren't dealing with/or are oblivious to the day to day stress and bullsh*t that the rest of us are being driven mad by...and maybe the next time you are in line ...get your head out of your ass, because the extra 2 minutes you spend trying to figure out which way to swipe your credit card...Is two minutes somebody like that guy is trapped behind you with 2 zillion things weighing on his mind ...swirling, taxing, stressing his brain and all he can do for the present moment is wait...wait and watch you jack around with the credit card machine for two second, two seconds, three seconds "damn I forgot to mail the check" four seconds, five seconds, "the post office closes in fifteen minutes" six seconds, seven seconds, eight seconds, "I still have to go home and get the checkbook...crap how can I do that and get across town for my exam?" nine seconds, ten seconds, eleven seconds...120 seconds will go by while you screw around without a care in the world ...joking with the clerk about the magnetic strip ...while some guy on his last nerve is remembering one more piece of stress...maybe the last piece of stress...and you will go home, safe and sound, and turn on the news and see a story about some shooting and go "I wonder what made him snap?"

EVERYTHING MADE HIM SNAP, you, me, bills, life, time that ticks away and can never be gotten back.

that's what.

The only thing more annoying than asking "what made him snap?", Is everyone acting like they give shit. You don't give a shit, be honest with yourself...not anymore than you gave a shit about what happened the first week of july, don't remember what that week? really? you posted some bullshit about how much you cared on your FB page. Do this for me...skroll through your FB page and look at all the crap you claimed you cared so much about over the last year and realize how much of it you forgot EVER HAPPENED. Remember that blind guy in China?..what ever happened to that guy? YOU HAVE NO IDEA...AT ALL, but you cared three months ago. Half of the people posting little ribbons and messages about how sad they are couldn't find Colorado on a map.  I'll tell you flat out I don't care. I never met any of these people, hell half the people I know could get shot and It wouldn't really affect my either.

 And of course Romney and Obama will have to come out and act like they give two shits about a bunch of johnny lunch boxes in Colorado...and worse...act like they are going to do something about it, as if the President of the United States should be wasting his time trying to make sure he can protect us from the possibility of some unhinged asshole shooting us out of the blue. They can't, and they shouldn't be trying to, any more that trying to stop an eclipse. there are 400 million people in this country...when someone kills enough of them to make a dent in supply and demand and the price of gas goes down...let me know . Until then this is trivia. We are all going to die.

have a nice weekend.


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