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Douglas Paszkiewicz is a veteran in the comic book industry, having done work for Image, and DC Comics, Mad Magazine and Topps Mars Attacks while keeping his own Independently Published work Arsenic Lullaby at the top of the heap in popularity and critical acclaim.   Arsenic Lullaby, has been nominated for the Industries two highest awards, the Harvey Award and the Eisner award for "Best Humor Publication". Arsenic Lullaby was recently translated into Greek and published overseas where it was promptly nominated for Europe's Comicdom Award. 


short story- original artwork left for sale is here

Long Story -It doesn't seem that long ago that I brought Arsenic Lullaby artwork to shows just for the sake of having something on the table as a conversation piece. Now a days most of it never even makes it to shows, for that matter most of it gets purchased before the book it is in even reaches the shelves. This is good for me BUT also good for you as I will post artwork here when it is available and if you happen to see it and shell out your hard earned cash for my hard work / world class illustrations you get it without having to go to a con or risk someone else getting the good stuff before you show up.

What is posted at the online store what I have for sale...I don't keep any back stock, I don't have some vault of old pages I am sitting on for my retirement, what you see is what is left.

"Douglas...are you telling us that out of 600 plus pages of A.L. art and all the art you did for Mad...this is all that's left?!"

YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT, and it is likely that there will be even more sharks in the water when I release work into the wild now that I am being represented by Comic Art House. So, if you see something you like, I wouldn't wait around. IF as you see me posting pics of things as I work on them on FB or Instagram, and want claim "dibs" do so by saying " I'll give you -enter dollar amount- " or ask me via message or email. Do NOT simply say "I want it".

(as often there will only be a handful of pages up here are the guideline on what things cost so you know how much to save/shout.)

mistakes/preliminary sketches 50.00-100.00

Single page (part of a larger story) 150.00-250.00

Single page (part of a larger story with a main character 250.00-400.00

Single page complete story 250.00-400.00

Cover or splash page 500-1200.00

all of these prices depend on how clean the page is ( how much white out and covering up of mistakes I had to do)

Many of you are used to getting some "i knew you before you were a big deal" discount, or military discount, or "I buy allot of your stuff" discount...well guess what ....I still accept all those discounts. I appreciate everybody who pitched in when I was small time, who have allot of A.L. and who serve our country. The "i slept with you " discount is a myth...If we slept together it is very likely you got more out of it than me and so I often raise the price.